California Valley Miwok Tribe, California
(formerly the Sheep Ranch Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians of California)
11178 Sheep Ranch Rd.
Sheep Ranch, California 95250


Yakima K. Dixie, Chief
Velma WhiteBear, Executive Director
Chadd Everone, Deputy

Original Constitution December 11, 1999 Yakima Dixie via Bill Martin submitted to the BIA this constitution at a meeting with the BIA on December 23, 1999. Although never rejected by the BIA, it was never accepted nor was it a valid constitution because it was never signed by Yakima, had a notation "To Be Amended", and no follow-up was done. Still it did position Yakima in his appeal regarding tribal authority.
Current Operating Constitution February 18, 2006 This was constructed by Chadd Everone after lengthy discussions with Yakima Dixie, Velma WhiteBear, and the other members of the Tribal Council and a host of out-side sources (Prof. Phillip Frickey, etc.). The Tribe submitted this constitution for informal review by the BIA; and it has been the operating constitution up to the present. Some interaction with the BIA has been done; but that was put on hold until the recognized authority is established.
BIA Sample Constitution June 23, 2006 This is a sample constitution from the BIA under the Indian Reorganization Act. It is elaborate to cover all kinds of situations and is probably not designed to be adopted verbatim.
Melnicoe Constitution  August 24, 2007 Proposed constitution by Peter Melnicoe, special council for the Tribe, former Chief Legal Council for the Califormia Gambling Control Commission and member of the California Legislative Council, drafting legislation for the State. He took the BIA Sample Constitution and modified it for this Tribe. This is also posted in an interactive copy of his draft at: Draft Constitution
Creekmore Constitution October 5, 2007 Proposed constitution from Briana Creekmore, adoped from an other tribal constitution to fit this Tribe.
Constitution-Draft  August 16, 2008 Draft Constitution with comments.
Constitution "final" Draft  August 29, 2008 Final draft of the constitution prior to submission to the BIA when organization begins.